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Handmade Woodwork Furniture, Products & Crafts

Planning & creating handmade wooden frames for your home, framing for photography, art, décor or statement pieces.

Framing either canvas prints or photo paper prints with inner glass. Using the wood type of your choice, whether it be recycled wood / pallets planks or new pallet planks / wood – we are very flexible with our customising services, to ensure that the product meets all your personal requirements & traits. Our frames are built according to the size of the framed object or photo. We can frame small to very large statement frames, you may choose either a modern style or a rustic african style. When it comes to the colour of the frame, you may choose the tint colour of the varnish, or choose a solid paint to be applied. Our finishing method will be determined according to the style you wish to achieve, and what would best suit the room it will be in.

If you have & own used wood, planks or pallets and would like to either get rid of it or even refurbish them into frames, we will be happy to step in and assist you with creating your products for you.

Contact us for more information – create@creatorcreations.com / 082 9288 633