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Handmade Woodwork Furniture, Products & Crafts

Designing & creating special handmade wooden décor items for your home, whether indoor or outdoor decorating pieces / products. Using the wood type of your choice, whether it be recycled wood / pallets or new pallets / wood. Our products achieve a genuine home-made look & feel, adding charisma and a personal touch to each item we create.

Some common décor products and requests are ; Wine Bottle & Wine Glass Racks, Wooden Shelving, Wooden Framing, Display tables, Pots and Planting décor and more. All our products are made according to our clients’ custom order requirements and specifications with regards to your desired size and colour.

If you have & own used wood, poles, planks or pallets and would like to either get rid of it or even refurbish them into furniture, we will be happy to step in and assist you with creating your products for you.

Contact us for more information – create@creatorcreations.com / 082 9288 633